It is important to understand how the target audience thinks and what triggers them. Prior to developing the creative concept, we work closely with the client to collect and collate relevant market information.

  • What are our target groups and what characterizes them?
  • How does the target audience interact with digital platforms?



What does our client want to communicate, and what does their audience want to hear? These aren’t always the same messages. In this phase, we work closely with the client to create a clear message which targets the audience’s needs. The clearer the message, the better the solution.

What is the one message which is most important to communicate?
What other messages do we want to convey?



With a strategic core message, a defined target group, and budgetary constraints all in place, we begin the planning process. We determine the course of action, channels of communication, and the tone of the project.

Action Strategies Include:

  1. Events
  2. Competitions
  3. Distributing Information
  4. Establishing Dialogues
  5. Collecting Demographic Data

Channels Include:

  1. Mobile and Tablet
  2. Social Media – Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
  3. Digital Boards
  4. Apps
  5. Print
  6. Radio
  7. TV
  8. Banners / Display ads




Finally, we develop and present our creative solutions. We create messages based on the process thus far, and present sketches, designs and other materials.

Sketch Presentations
Discussions and Adjustments
Final Sketches – Budgetary Considerations / Clarifications



When instruments and ideas are approved, work begins on developing the design and technical solution. From this point, we follow the Good Morning digital process, which ensures quality in each stage of the production. By presenting strong ideas in Phase 4, we reduce time spent in the prototyping and testing stages.

Creativity is what drives us.

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